"To inspire them to realize more and more of their capacities for living meaningful lives. Because there certainly is meaning to life."
-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Monday, January 25, 2010

This is the Life!

I found this on my Reader from Flickr. Can you just imagine the possibilities of living amidst so many books? Or do you see this picture another way? Let me know in a comment.

Week 3: Beginnings

I have started on my website. It's called Mr. Lemon's Class, and looks really rough right now. I am still having problems with my webcam, but that hopefully will be remedied soon. As I begin this new project, I can't help but feel a little anxious to put this technology into practice. With starting a website (which for the record is something I didn't think I would ever do), I am beginning to see the possibilities in the classroom. I can't wait to work on this.
Also, Free Technology for Teachers had a blog about Digital Directors Guild, a new program geared to using technology in the classroom, as a class. What intrigues me about this concept is the universality of it. The class can work together on a single project, or break into groups and create a portfolio. An example would be, while teaching about the Harlem Renaissance, I can break the class into groups, and assign them different poems or music during the period. Their task will be to create a short, 2 minute video or slideshow, explaining the poem's significance.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2: Searching for some Blogs.

So, here is my Google Reader, and a few of the blogs and sites I found. I looked at other student's blogs, and saw we had a few of the same blogs. I suppose great minds think alike. I would like to thank Shane for his references. Anyway, here's a quick explanation for why I chose these sites. I'm sure that along the way, I'll add a few more; if I do, I'll post a little about them.
1. Jim Burke's Blog: The English Teacher's Companion: A great source from a professional about different ways to approach students. Burke is a teacher, and can offer great tips.
2. Flickr: I know this may seem a little odd for an English Teacher, but let me explain. One of the best ways I've found to introduce a novel's theme or history is to give the class visuals. Why not go to Flickr, where people are constantly sharing pictures, which can then be presented as conversation starters for the kids.
3. Mr. Turtola's CyberEnglish: Much like Jim Burke's blog, Turtola brings experience from the classroom. An aspect I really like about this blog is that Turtola shares lesson plans and student response. This allows me to see how a prepared lesson effects the individual student, rather than the whole.
4. Free Technology for Teachers: Dasily has this site in her Reader as well. The name says it all. It offers multiple sites and ideas of how to use technology in the classroom, including images, audio, and video.
5. Successful Teaching: Once again, Dasily turned me to this site. Another teacher (she now teached at University Level), she offers great insights and tips. Especially to first year teachers; look out for the article 100 Essential Blog Posts for the First-Year Teacher.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here I am!

Hey Everyone,
This is the first time I've blogged, so it's a new experience. My name is Mike Lemon, and I am an English Teaching Major, with a TESOL minor. More information on me can be found on the About Me site. I want to transition this blog from a learning experience to my professional career. I added not only links to my group members and Brother West's blogs, but I've found several websites I go to for reference help and literature. My expectations for this class is to learn the best way to use emerging technology in the classroom. There's just no way to escape it, and technology is how kids can be reached today.