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-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Final Reflections and a Few Comments Misplaced

As we wind down the semester, it's time to get nostalgic about what we learned. I believe the most important principle I took from this class is that students are learning differently. Just as there is a tremendous paradigm shift from chalkboards to interactive white boards, students are learning better in social environments than the traditional lecture. As a teacher, I have to adapt accordingly, and shift the classroom from "How can I teach this?" to "How did I learn this?" By acting more as a moderator instead of lecturer, I can guide students to learn the core principles, not just vomit them back onto a test.
I went and visited the achievements of my classmates, and was able to comment on the majority. All in all, I was impressed with what they were doing. A few people I wasn't able to comment (I believe comments are blocked on the blog) or find their final presentations, but I'll comment here. Sorry it wasn't on your blog, hence the misplacement. Madison's class website is impressive. She knows what she wants her students to achieve, and she relays that to them in an effective manner. Plus, it's a classy template. Melissa has a great looking blog, and I was impressed by her multimedia presentation, and what went into it. While I'm not a dancer, I can see using that technology in helping students streamline their writing process.

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