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-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nominations (Much Too Late)

In celebration of the all too familiar "my dog ate my homework" topos, I present to you my excuse for being late for this blog post.
Tuesday, November 30
Upon talking with my African American professor, I realize that the day of reckoning was nigh at hand; my term paper was due in seven days. My research lacking, I resorted to self pity and stress, then willed myself to a nap.
Wednesday, December 1
I am rushing to get a full rough draft into my Shakespeare professor, with the irony being we did peer editing solely on the first paragraph. Knowing I had nominations at hand, I also realized that I had to pull an all nighter at work. I found time for a nap.
Thursday, Dec. 2
I am not good at making decisions. Instead of attending class, I text Kristen and tell her I can't make it. I crash until one in the afternoon. Later that evening, I meet with my group and start editing for the conference that is to be held in a week. I then ship off to work.
Friday, Dec. 3
I am writing most of the morning, then have an afternoon and evening filled date that involves Korean food, socks, rock concert, a Christmas party, and the vintage French film "The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jakob."
Saturday, Dec. 4
Work, meet with group and edit some more, realize that life would be easier if I switched back to an English major (more on this in another post), college football, writing on two term papers, Scrabble and sleep.
Sunday, Dec. 5
I know I should nominate some people by now, but instead I work on term papers and think about grad school (I swear a post is coming about my educational future).
Monday, yesterday
I'm writing all day; no time for a nap. I watch a documentary on Black Masculinity and Jack Johnson, then go to work.
Tuesday, Today
I am writing down useless information, vying for sympathy from the masses, but expecting none. One term paper is due in eight hours and lacks three pages, but nonetheless, here are some nominations for Best Bloggers:
Overall Cohesion: Kristen Technology in Exile
  • This was not a required nomination, but I think from every blog I've read in this class, Kristen has kept hers on one topic: Digital Civilization and Tibet. There is a cohesion there that Drs. Burton and Zappala encourage for good bloggers.

Historical Content: Sarah Willis Pacemaker

  • Talk about a powerful blog post. She not only brought in the history behind the pacemaker, she shared her personal history. While I blogged about roadways, she brought in something more powerful. A wonderful example of connecting the history to oneself.

Self Directed Learning: Ariel Future Shock & Facebook Etiquette

  • Ariel does a nice job bringing in different sources for this idea. I had read a few articles about this subject, but more along the lines of employment and job security. She takes the idea of future shock to another level, and I found it enjoyable to read.

Computing Concepts: Madeline Coloring Art on Photoshop

  • Madeline consitently creates some fo the best computing posts; she incorporates screenshots, step by steps, and finished products into wildly simple instructions. I chose this post in particular because I believe she used it to accomplish another project for this class; namely, the creation of a coloring book for Gulliver's Travels.

Best Overall Design: Sean Uma Pitada de Tolices

  • Wow, what a beautiful design for your blog. If you are looking for conciseness, easy user interface and clear directions as to where to go, check out what he is doing with this blog.

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