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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boolean Logic

Aside from having a rocking name, Boolean logic underlies the digital revolution. Essentially, the logic works by simplifying and "[buildings] combinations that will implement any digital component you can imagine." This implementations happen through specific "gates:" not, and, or, nor, nand, xor, and xnor. Explaining these gates would make this post too long, so I'll place the link right here.

As you go through these ideas, I wonder how I might simplify my life through these algorithms. Instead of looking at each decision through it various "outcomes," what if I looked at it as a yes and/or no situation?

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  1. Sometimes in the decision making process it's important to view the decisions through different perspectives. Sometimes breaking the decision down to a simple Boolean problem can help a solution become clear, but sometimes it's important to consider all the ramifications of different related choices and make it a bit more complex.

    It's interesting to think of our voting system as a Boolean system though, no? It really is - although perhaps it should be more complex in the sense of having varying degrees of choice, it all comes down to a yes or no. Hmm.