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-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Month In

I started working for Eleutian Technologies a month ago, and let me tell you, it's boss! Eleutian is part of the growing E Learning community. With this company, I connect with students in South Korea and Japan through Skype, and teach them English.

Let me detail a typical lesson for you:
10:00 PM: make my way into the office
10:05 PM: log into Skype, make sure my recorder is working and that video is clear
10:10 PM: Enter into the Korean website (in English!), where I find my lesson plans
10:11 PM: For the next hour and ten minutes, I go over lesson plans, locate images and cards to help teach the phonetics, check my time, think up crazy games for the kids, double check my lessons
11:19 PM: With just thirty seconds to go, I call my first class. It is a group of ten year olds just learning English. I start class.
11:50 PM: I finish my class, and made the most of the games. I make a quick review of the lesson, self-deprecating along the way. This is done quickly, because I only have four and a half minutes before my next class.
11:54 PM: Same as 11:19, except the class is now composed of twelve year olds. My lesson is completely different, and my vocabulary changes.
12:25 PM: Last class ends. The kids laugh at my inability to pronounce Korean names, so they give me "English" names. I swallow my pride and make my final report.

That is just a brief glimpse into what I do. I also teach one on one sessions with older students, where we just talk and work on sentence structures. I am beginning a new shift where I will talk to teachers and give them tips on teaching English as a Second Language.
Sure the hours are rough (anywhere from 5 PM- 9 AM), but I can't think of a better job. With my decision to become an English teacher, Eleutian is giving me opportunities to prepare to teach, specifically students from a foreign language background. That is just a small case; the big deal resides within. I am learning about myself, my pedagogical views and desire to teach professionally. It is frustrating sometimes, but I love what I do. And at the end of the day, that is the motivation behind teaching. It isn't the money; it's the desire to make the world better, one student or class at a time.


  1. wow! do you have to have credentials to get a job like this? And where is the office located?

  2. Great question, Sarah. All you need is strong English skills and the equivalent of an Associate's Degree to start. The office is located by the Quarry. If you are interested, find out more at eleutian.com

  3. That is really cool. My cousin went over to South East Asia two years ago to teach English, but I bet it is far more economical for the companies to do it by way of skype.