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-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking at More Podcast Technology

After deciding on podcast technology as a personal project, I went to YouTube, for a tutorial about podcasting. After searching a few of the clips, they all agreed that I had to download sound mixing software, of which I downloaded Audacity, as well as the LAME MP3 encoder. Here's a link to a tutorial about Audacity. For this week, I'll be toying with soundmixing, testing its functions, as well as finding pieces of literature in the public domain that I can record without incurring the wrath of copyright infringement.
The idea behind this technology is simple enough, but the ramifications in the classroom is unparalleled. Just think for a moment if students were to get excited over podcasting. They would study and practice their lines, just to hear their voices performing. It won't excite everyone to record, but others might find pleasure in editing the podcasts, in encoding them. Plus, future classrooms can inherit or compete against the past in recording better podcasts. The amount of money needed for this project is minimal. All that is really needed is a microphone, the software, and an area to download the MP3 (a class website, maybe?)

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