"To inspire them to realize more and more of their capacities for living meaningful lives. Because there certainly is meaning to life."
-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My First Podcast is Posted!

I finished editing it awhile back, but, due to schedule conflicts and having to re-record the Coltrane clip, I finally posted it on the class website. It was definitely an eye-opener getting this lesson done. The podcast itself is relatively short -six and a half minutes -but it took a lot of preparation before and after recording to get it ready. I know it's not the highest quality, but I'm still learning about Audacity.
I set up a new page on my website, outlining the purpose behind recording. I'll expound a little on that right now. Firstly, I want to give students an opportunity to interact with the text. I know that may seem a strange concept, seeing how books and poetry are inanimate. However, in reading them out loud and preparing samples for the internet, the students become engrossed in the text. They begin to see it in context, studying the history and cultures around a piece.
Secondly, I see that podcasts of lectures can help students outside the classroom. I felt sometimes as a high school student a little lost when presented with daunting homework. I wished I had someone or something that could help me understand the principles at that time. It's funny how I can understand in the classroom, but once at home, my mind shrinks from the task. Recording lessons and posting them on a class website will give teens an opportunity to get that extra help. What's more, students can also post lessons for present and future classes. They can help a student who is ill, and can't make it to class. He or she can download a lesson, and not be as intimidated to get caught up.

I know a concern I have with podcasts is copyright. I knew about public domain, but now I'm going to look into other sources where I can pick up ideas. It isn't enough to say we will record, but the class must abide by law as well. I'll write more about this in my post tomorrow. Until then, head over to the website, and enjoy the podcast.

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  1. Great job! One thing you can do too is now that you have the mp3s done, you could upload it to Audioboo or Feedburner and create a podcast feed so people will automatically get your updates downloaded to their iTunes or podcast catcher.

    but otherwise, really good. THe only other thing missing is the lesson plan. When you get that done, let me know and I can add those points.