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Monday, November 8, 2010

Economy Today and the Digital Age

Forewarning: This is not the best post in the world. I acknowledge that, so tread through it with mercy. Thank you.

I am currently sitting at a cubicle, a blue screen draped in the background. Another teacher is sick, and as I am the only other person in the office who understands how to teach NodaJuku classes, I will be in the office all night. What can I say but C'est la vie!

As I am tied up at work, I did not have enough time to go over the material about economy today; I don't know much about Keynse theory (or if I am spelling his name right). What I can say is how the economy is changing because of the digital age. I believe Keynse theorized that supply and demand was not the foundation of modern economy; rather, the market fluctuates on investment and consumerism. The digital age has proven this true with shopping.

Beforehand, if you wanted a specific shirt or LP, you had to either search for it around town. If the stores were out, there were only two options: special order or go without. Today, people don't have to leave their homes to shop. They can shop online for the things they want, and generally the supply across the world is limitless. So then, what drives the modern market? I don't know; perhaps you can comment and school me a little. What are your thoughts on the modern economy?

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