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-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reflective Post, Take Two, Take Two

So Bri commented on Reflective Post, Take Two, and made me realized I was suppose to review her blog. Big Whoops to me, but I'll double back and take care of business.
Bri's blog, Bri Colorful, is wonderful in its simplicity. Her blog is not bogged down by widgets or distractions. It is all about the writings. Bri is good at synthesizing historical and digital content. Furthermore, she is adept at bringing in outside classes. Let me explain.
In her post "Digital Coordination," Bri demonstrates an example of using digital tools in another class. I believe this post gets to the core of what Drs. Burton and Zappala want from this class. They want us to use the digital tools and ideas we discover from Digital Civilization in other parts of our lives. Bri has shown through her posts ways to extend digital literacy to other classes, screenshots, and personal life. In fact, Bri has done the best job of any blog I've read in balancing historical, digital, personal and other sources in the posts.
Bri, I am impressed, and you all should be too!

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