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-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Monday, November 15, 2010

Interstate is the Bomb.Com!

Remember those bumps, you know the ones when crossing state lines? The best is between the Texas and Louisiana border, travelling east on I-20. That bump is ridiculous! It literally catches your breath, and it holds it there, along with memories.
The Interstate Highway System, which was passed in 1944, took civic precedence during Eisenhower's administration. While many may cite technologies as the automobile or telephones as shaping America, but for me and a few others, the highway system encapsulates the American Dream. Here's a quote:
"In the Interstate Highway System we have done nothing less than express our vision of ourselves ... Ultimately, the Interstate have become a physical expression of the part of the American character that desires to resolve our destiny in this seemingly limitless land."
Tom Lewis Divided Highways, 1997

As we mentioned the Frontier, I should mention the Interstate's role in it. While the highway system brought the continent together, it allows more Americans movement than previously thought. What would take days, even weeks now takes a matter of hours or days. There are correlations between the importance of the highways and the Internet, but I choose the right to remain silent. If you see the similarities, comment, please.
In the meantime, enjoy this short cartoon from Disney. Just like bumps, it brings back memories of my childhood.

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  1. If it were not for America's roads, people might have been stuck during the dust bowl, and could not exodus to California