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-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Monday, September 20, 2010

An Opportunity

I just received a call from Eleutian technology, setting up an interview to be a teacher! I cannot think of a job more in line with this class's theme. If I'm hired, I will be teaching English to students in Korea, China, Dhubai, Japan, etc., via Skype. When I first arrived at BYU, I had dreams of teaching overseas after graduation, but with this job, I can teach while studying here.
I'm a little nervous, because this is my first time using Skype, but I take comfort in Kristen and several others who are trying new things. I'm hoping for the best, but we'll see.

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  1. MIKE! That's fantastic! What a great job! I sometimes think of teaching English abroad also, but I never thought of skyping a class! How often will you teach? How will you be limited by the medium? How will your students' learning improve because of skype? I wonder if you can do a video conference and a chat at the same time, that might be effective (I'm thinking specifically of teaching pronunciation and reading/writing at the same time since you could type some of the words that you're using.) Let me know how this goes for you!