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-John Coltrane on Uplifting Others

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Behind the Times?

I notice the time on my computer (7:49 am) and realize I have but ten minutes to hastily post on the assignment today. I read Ariel's post about Copernicus and found the correlation between Brian Regan's joke and Copernicus's struggles to find an audience intriguing. The child in the joke woke up to deliver his terribly prepared science project, only to find everyone else's to have been prepared by their parents.
How did Copernicus feel, preparing his theories (which were much better prepared!), only to have the Ptolemaic kids have their parents prepare theirs? As Ariel pointed out, "The big blue one is the Earth" doesn't have the same feeling to it.
But this idea contrasts with the Utopian piece. The narrator is amazed when the Utopians take to learning from the Greeks. However, there is a slight feeling of sarcasm or satire running through More. Is he truly admiring the idea of information dissemination, or is he poking fun at the current trend of rediscovery?
It is now 8:00 in the AM.

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